Yule Is Just Around the Corner!

It’s nearing that time of year again! Yule is right around the corner and we will be holding our Shire’s too-cool Yule on Saturday, December 19th from 12pm to 6pm.

It’s a low-key pot-luck get-together that’s garb optional. Games and activities are planned for the younger members of the Shire. We will also be giving out our Keeper Awards!

Yule Gift Swap

We will be doing a Viking (aka Yankee) Gift Swap. If you want to be part of the swap, please bring a wrapped, SCA-themed gift of about $10 value. This swap is for adults, there is a separate gift swap for children with a $5 gift. Youth (17 and under) gifts do not need to be SCA-themed, but should be appropriate for either gender. (Ideas are books, crafts, or puzzles for a wide variety of age groups.)

For more information please visit our Event Webpage or contact the Autocrat, Lady Fortune St. Keyne


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April 2015 – Business Meeting Minutes

12th of April 2015 Business Meeting Minutes

Click here to view and download a PDF version.

Officer reports

Seneschal: New Carolingian Baron/Baroness interested in forming closer relationship with Quintavia. Working on K&Q Equestrian event, lunch raffle, menu for SJB and Sommer Draw. Can do Shire encampment at Sommer Draw, or come for the day and help with day board.

Exchequer: We have money. Year end report has finally been accepted. Next report due in two weeks.

Youth: Report submitted, not much going on. Still assembling kits to bring to Sommer Draw.

Webminister: Picture clarification: Events are public, so model release forms are needed only if there is a reasonable expectation of privacy (guild meetings, etc.) Snow melting – can finally do site check for SJB, want to get info on web ASAP. If any officer wants to add info about their thing to the web site, let us know and send us the info. 4/20, scheduled overnight maintenance for EK server for a memory upgrade.

Chronicler: Published Second Winter Milestone. Will publish April Waypost. Used Serif PagePlus instead of Word. It has limitations in the free version. Full version costs about $100. Will continue to evaluate before recommending purchase or not.

MoL: Now Kingdom Deputy MoL! Taking on Elena as deputy, will train to replace when term is up in August.

Herald: Nothing new. Archery: Still a little snow on the lawn, but once it’s gone practice can resume.

Fencing: Practices happening. Working on helping heavy fighters give fencing a try. Donovan selected for MoD elevation.

Knight Marshal: No paperwork! Hosting regional for Bergental next month. Practices happening. Monthly youth fighting happening – youth are outnumbering the grown-ups!

Dance: Pondering “dance practice from hell” for all the strange ones we never get to do – maybe at a regional event. Run at MEMEC which has lots of space.

Old business

Still looking for 4-5 boxes of missing stuff. We need to find it – if not found by June we will need to buy replacements, and will need to put into Exchequer’s report since the value is over $500.

Sommer Draw, June 12-14: New site. We’re serving lunch. Come camp with us or day trip and help.

SJB: Doing walk-through soon, since snow is finally melting – try for May 1? Need menu from Eleanor and Aleksei. Working on contacting Fergus Redmead re: brewing competition. Want to get bardic stuff going too. Rosina will be teaching a singing class.

K&Q Equestrian: Sign contract and get insurance by end of month. Elena will cook food for staff and royals.

New Business

Proposal for Bardic event, Oct 17. Wants to run @Camelot, but the church in Bolton would work much better for an event like this. Andreiko and Rosina will get more specifics.

Proposal for Webminister’s Schola. Quintavia is a good central location. Concern over conflict in classes, but could run a single track of classes to avoid that. Maybe add a partial Chronicler track, since many topics are common to both positions.

Calligraphy event? Happy 30th anniversary of Quintavia! January 1985 Next meeting May 17, noon, @MEMEC.

March 2015 – Business Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2015 business meeting minutes.  

Click here to view and download a PDF version.


Officer reports

Seneschal: Our missing equipment is still missing. Many of our serving pieces are included in this list. Please check your equipment to verify whether any of it belongs to the Shire.

Webminister: We’ve added some event planning resources to our website. We will be adding our event bid sheet and autocrat handbook sheets to the page. There is also a password protected page that keeps track of past site fees, budgets, actual end numbers, menus, etc. Believe it or not, search engines and facebook are our top 2 referrals for our website, followed by eastkingdom.org. We are looking at creating a local model release database and will probably end up getting volunteered for doing it at a higher level.

Youth: Deputy needs to be warranted. We have a sample Youth box to paw through. There are multiple versions of stained glass construction for different age levels. Games, catapults, and others are still in the

Herald: The Kickstarter book on Japanese heraldry that we backed last year has arrived.

Exchequer: We have money.

MoL: Crown Tournament is 5/2 on Long Island. The local group is looking at creating a block of hotel rooms. It will be our first event where MoDs can be made.

Dance: Dance Practices got a little wiggy over the winter, but they’ve been happening. Black Rose Ball was lovely. Walpurgisnacht is on for the first weekend of May. Walpurgisnacht is just continuous dancing, gaming, and eating. There are cabins for sleeping. There will also be dancing at Carolingian Investiture on 4/4. Dance Practice on 4/7 will be at WPI.

MoAS: Please attend CRAFT fiber day at Camelot in March. Workshop at Perronnelle’s next Friday.

Chronicler: Working on a new Milestone. If you have something you would like to write up as an article – event reports, research, resources – please do so.

Royalty: We had a great time at Gulf Wars. It was Pennsic weather. The East won the Diamond Tournament. The Kingdom is looking at acquiring some storage space down there, which will empower many more people to come.


Embroidery Event: 45 people attended. We made money.

Hafla (3/7@Bolton): The February weather and other things created a series of challenges that impacted the event. Only 37 people were in attendance. We had a loss of $210.

Carolingian Investiture (4/4 @ German Club in Walpole): Many Quintavians are showing up as the Scottish Barbarians from across the way.

Cooking Schola (4/25@Clinton Church) is canceled.

Sommer Draw (6/13@Bergental): Bergental has invited us to cook the dayboard as a fundraiser. It’s a new site with more space for us to cook, so we may be expanding dining options to match.

St. John Baptiste (6/20@YMCA camp in Oxford): Site Walk when the snow melts. Aleksei and Eleanor will be running the feast. We can still setup Friday evening.

K&Q Equestrian (8/22@Hazel Grove, Groton): Perronnelle can no longer make it, so Rosina is looking for help. We have verbal confirmation of the date, however we are still limited by the same stuff that applied last year. We are still welcome to come setup on Friday night. We will be using a ticket raffle to fundraise by raffling off lunches cooked by local artisans. The plan is to start selling tickets at Carolingian Investiture. They will be lunches for four. The site is planning on getting a second permanent portapotty which will hopefully be in a useful location.


Cabella’s in Hudson is opening this week. It’s your one-stop shopping place for hunting, camping, and camoflauge. Stop by and check out the archery range.

The Shakespeare Club of Grafton will be celebrating the Bard’s birthday in garb on 4/27. http://graftonshakespeare.org/