Keeper Awards

Created 1997

Shire awards are not recognized by Kingdom, or Corpora, however, they may be given and recognized within the local group. The Shire of Quintavia Keeper Awards were created to acknowledge and encourage the effort and achievement of gentles who may not yet be ready for Kingdom Recognition, but, who are striving for SCA correctness and actively support the Shire. Recipients need not be a paid member of the SCA.

This recognition is not for achievement alone. It is not necessarily for historical correctness. It is for the gentle who is sincere and diligent in the attempt, has a sharing attitude, a true SCA spirit of chivalry, and actively takes part in the Shire. It could be someone who has been active for quite awhile, or someone brand new to the SCA.

The award is not designed for one who has already earned a Kingdom Award for that area, but may be given to such a gentle if their actions are so beneficial to the Shire formal acknowledgement is desired. (example: for Heavy List – It might not be the best fighter, but the one who is trying the hardest to learn and improve, and willing to help others. Or, it might be the best fighter and he/she isalways there to encourage/help/and train over and above what might be expected. It would not be for the Knight who attends practice, or the Shire’s Knight Marshall UNLESS they are contributing above and beyond what their standing or job description would indicate.

The Keeper Awards is not a Seneschalate, or Populus decision, or based on popularity, or favoritism, but a decision to be made by way of ‘committee’. The current Keeper does not make the decision on his/her own but together at least one previous keeper of the same award and the officer for that area. The decision is simple majority.

The current Keeper may have someone in mind, but should also seek recommendations from the Shire members; and may reconsider anyone who may have been previously recommended but passed over. Someone may be recognized in a particular are more than once but not consecutively.

The Seneschal will remind the Keepers when it is time to consider candidates. And, will keep a list of past recipients, and those who have been previously recommended along with the reason they were recommended.

A decision should be made a month before the presentation of the Award to allow time for scrolls to be made.

Recognition will be awarded at the Shire’s Yule Feast. At the time of the Keeper for each category will pass on the token in his/her keep (Chalice, Lantern, Torse, Arrow, Rapier etc.). Medallions will be kept as a symbol of achievement, with each new Keeper receiving their own medallion.

Keepers Awards were originally created and established by:

Baroness Rosalind Bennett, Mistress of Arts & Sciences and Lady Mairgred of Llangarron,