Help Wanted!

Wanted to help the shire but don’t know how? These officers are looking for you and these positions are currently open.

Deputy to the Senechal

  • Deputy to the Seneschal
    • Seneschal is the local chapter president.
  • Chamberlin
    • Working under the exchequer, responsible for inventoring / tracking the Shire owned items.
  • Deputy Chatelaine
    • The chatelaine welcomes the newcomers to the shire and helps run demos.
  • Deputy Herald 
    • The herald works with the kingdom office on all things related to arms and heraldry for the Shire
  • Deputy Minister/Mistress of Arts and Science 
    • Works with the A+S officer on all things A+S for the shire. Often facilitates practices.
  • Chronicler
    • Works under the Webminster to chronicler shire activities. Maintains the business meeting minutes.
  • Deputy Webminster
    • Helps maintain the shire online presences (website / social media accounts).