Defenders of Quintavia Recipient List

The Defenders are the Shire of Quintavia’s Champions. They have won the right to bear their titles through our annual Defender’s Tourney, wherein each defender must design and execute a tourney or competition to choose their successor.

The Defenders of 2017

Award Winner
Arts & Sciences Baroness Marieta Charay
Heavy List Sir Hrafn Bonesetter
Rapier Lord Gabreil Roberts
Archery Dunecan Morgan
Thrown Weapons Arngrimr Meinfretr

Scrolls by THL Tola Knytyr

The Defenders of 2016

Award Winner
Arts & Sciences Lady Toi Poisson de Mortagne
Heavy List Sir Matthias Grunwold
Rapier Lord Gregor Mac Eoain
Archery Boyar Aleksei Dmitriev
Thrown Weapons Vacant


The Defenders of 2015

Award Winner
Arts & Sciences Lady Rebecca Tomasina da Venezia
Heavy List Gaston la Goth
Rapier Lord Benjamin Black
Archery Mikjáll bogmaðr
Thrown Weapons Lord Brokk Jarlsson


The Defenders of 2014

Award Winner
Arts & Sciences Lady Tola Knitýr
Heavy List Hrafn Bonesetter
Rapier Gabriel
Archery Lord Sojourner of Quintavia
Thrown Weapons Lady Bianca Angussola