The Seneschal is essentially the local branch president. He or she oversees the other officers in their duties, and acts as the legal representative of the shire when necessary. The seneschal runs the monthly business meeting.

Policies of the Seneschal

The SCA is a welcoming place that does not condone harassment or bulling behavior to individuals or groups. Please note the harassment policy must be posted at every event and practice.

Link to the policy:



Officers (including autocrats)  please use the draft form when reporting any incident,

Incident Report.EAST

Information should go to myself and optionally Central Region Deputy and East Kingdom Seneschal, but I’ll be doing that anyway.

Contact the Seneschal 

Quintavia Policies:

The policies for the shire, are the groups agreement on how to run the day to day business of the group.   They are discussed and updated at the monthly business meeting as necessary.

The policies can he found here or in the menu to the right.