European Dance

10365787_10100575980921905_3807245438235449934_n Salutations!

You are invited and, in fact, encouraged to join us for medieval and renaissance dancing the Shire of Quintavia. We have practices on the first Tuesday of every month in Berlin, MA from 7:30-9:30pm.

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If, after reading this page, you still have questions please contact:

Dance Mistress, Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir

Dance Deputy, Lord Hermankyn.



Why dance?

  • Because it’s fun! Try it once, it’s the best way to find out if you like it.
  • Because it’s more fun with more people. No one cares how well you dance at SCA practices and events. Seriously, this not an awkward high-school dance. It’s a great way to get some low-impact exercise and some easy social time.
  • Because everything is taught from the basics. Most of it is just walking in time to the music in various directions, with some turning in circles added for interest. Many of the dances are simple enough that there’s very little difference between the experienced dancers and the newcomers.
  • Because it’s free and you don’t need any special equipment. Practices are not in garb, and usually in street shoes. At events, no one is expected to change for dancing — fighters in armor have been known to drop in!
  • Did we mention it was fun and easy? It’s fun and easy.


Where else to dance?

There are other practices in nearby locations that are also open to all dancers.

  • Rehoboth, MA    “Stonebridge Gambol”  (all the crucial info is on the front page)

  • Brighton, MA     Carolingia

The Presentation School Foundation Community Center in Oak Square

640 Washington St, Brighton

Wednesdays (until 11/18/15, in the current schedule)


What about dance events?

There are several dance-focused events throughout the kingdom (mostly during the colder months). Major summer events also sometimes have a ball in the evening (like Great Northeastern War).

Annual East Kingdom dance events:

  • Black Rose Ball
  • At the Sign of the Dancing Fox
  • Anglespur Dinner Dance
  • Simply Allegorical
  • Walpurgisnacht at Stonebridge Gambol House


The SCA dance community has a Google calendar set up now that lists dance events throughout the Known World, both scheduled and tentative:

Go to your Google Calendar, and under the “Other Calendars” menu in the sidebar, search for scadanceevents “at” to add that calendar to yours.