Shire Officers

This is a comprehensive list of the Shire Officers, the individuals who lead our local group. Click on a link to visit their individual pages for more information for what goes on in the area!

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Seneschal – November 2024
Baroness Simona Bat Leon

♦Deputy to the Seneschal – Master Donovan Shinnock


Exchequer – March 2024
 Mistress Tola knityr

♦Deputy to the Exchequer –  Mistress Lilias de Cheryngton

Emergency Deputy to the Exchequer – Baroness  Liadan ingen Chineada 

Chamberlain – November 2024  THL Andreiko Eferiev

♦Deputy Chamberlain – OPEN OFFICE 


Chatelaine (Newcomers) – March 2023

 Lady Serafina Della Torre

♦Deputy Chatelaine – Vacant


Milestone Persuivant (Herald) – November 2024
Lady Rosina von Schaffhausen

♦Deputy Herald – Vacant


Minister of Arts and Sciences – March 2024

Lord Hermankyn

♦Deputy Mistress/Minster of Arts and Science – Vacant


Knight Marshal – November 2024

Duke Edward Grey

♦Deputy Knight Marshal – Sir Matthias Grunwald


Marshal of Fence – March 2025 

Lord Rodrigo Medina De-La Mar

♦Deputy Marshal of Fence – Maestro Anastasia da Monte

Marshal of Seige Weapons

Chronicler – March 2023


♦Deputy Chronicler – Sir Matthias Grunwald


Webminister – November 2025

Sisuile Butler

♦Deputy Web Minister – Lilias de Cheryngton

Chancellor Minor – March 2022   OPEN OFFICE


Captain of Archers – November 2025
Lord Sojourner 

♦Deputy Captain of Archers- Lady Clarice of Lochleven

♦Deputy Captain of Archers- Baron Mikjáll bogmaðr

Required activities are taking care of the shire's equipment, which takes up to half an hour per year, and providing reports to the business meeting when there is something to report. Highly desirable is maintaining an archery marshal's warrant. Desirable activities include making sure practices happen. Running a practice takes up to an hour of setup and teardown in addition to however long the practice is open. And if you can come up with other archery activities, such as, say, a workshop for fixing arrows, that's great too, and how much time you put into them is entirely up to you.  Generally 20 hours or so in a season + time practicing. 

Minister of Lists – March 2024
Baroness  Liadan ingen Chineada 


Thrown Weapons Marshal – November 2025
Lord Arngeirr Refskegg

♦Deputy Thrown Weapons Marshall  — VACANT

Youth Combat Marshal – November 2022
 Lord  Symon de Poitiers

Bardic Guild Mistress  

Dance Mistress – March 2024
Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir

♦Deputy Dance Minister – Lord Hermankyn