Writing folks in for awards

The SCA is a volunteer organization and work best when people are recognized for the good work that they do.  The heart of that recognition is the  Kingdom (and baronial) award system.  But for people to be brought to the royals attention they need to be written in.   I was going to post some thoughts on writing people in for awards but it turns out someone has already posted a very comprehensive guide on the eastkingdom wiki.


Please check it out if you haven’t done so already.

The awards form can be found here  http://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/945932/lang-en  (it is linked on the main page of the EK website).

One tip that I like that isn’t covered in the wiki article is I save all of my award recommendations,  as with any writing style it helps to practice it.  So having an archive of  recommendations to look over when I’m written people in helps make the next one better.

Between the Award of Arms,  AOA level  “silver” awards, grant level awards and peerages, there is a large range of  awards focusing on people’s progression as they put more time and energy and skill in.

The OP database page as a nice listing of the  awards and handy way of searching if some has an award already.


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No archery this week 10/8

The weather looks meh, and unless another marshal wants to run practice, I believe all our regulars are busy this Sunday.

Attendance has been light during September, but the plan is to run through October and as long as the weather is warm enough (which could be a long time this year, who knows). Put it in your calendars, and come out to shoot with us!

October Business meeting


The next business meeting will be October 8th  from 11 – 1pm in the Camelot Common House. 69 Village court Berlin Ma.  We  will be in the downstairs meeting room this time.   We’ll talk about Yule and whatever other mischief has been dreamt up in the previous month..

As a reminder In November we will have elections for  Seneschal, Webminister, Captain of Archers, and Thrown Weapons Officer.  If you are interested in serving in any of these roles please send me a letter of intent.   I do plan on putting my name in for another term, but always welcome other folks to step forward as well if there is interest.   Please email letters to seneschal@quintavia.eastkingdom.org

The Letter can be a one/two paragraph email on why you like to do with the office.

Finally  business meeting minutes are archived on the site for perusal. See

Business Meeting Minutes Archive

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Archery 9/24

The weather looks lovely for Sunday! I have to skip practice again 🙁  But Mikjal will run practice for us!

472 Gleasondale Rd, Stow
Go shoot things!

Archery on Sunday 9/17

Archers! The weather looks good for Sunday, so you should go practice! Clarice will be marshalling for the day (thank you!) Yes, even if you shot at Falling Leaves, you should get consecutive practices in!


472 Gleasondale Rd, Stow

stART on the Street Worcester 2017 DEMO!

Once again we’ll be participating in the fun that is stART on the Street in Worcester! This Sunday, September 17th, from 11 AM to 6 PM. (Rain date of 9/24) stART on the Street is a like a live Etsy store with hundreds of local artists/vendors, non-profits, and performers lined up and down Elm Street!

Bring yourself, your projects, your armor, and enjoy a great street fair and talk to folks. Come for a little while or stay all day, it’s up to you! I’d love any fighters our fencers or dancers to come, we have an open demo space as well as a booth. I suggest bringing a chair, you don’t have to wear garb, you do have to want to have fun.

Put either Elm Park or St. Spyradon’s Greek Orthodox Church (located at 102 Russell Street, Worcester, MA)in your GPS to find parking near where we’ll be. I hope to see you there!

September Business Meeting

We are at the MEMEC site (130 Elm St. Millbury, MA)  starting at 11:00am.

I’ll bring the donuts for a job well done.

Hope to see you there.


Restarting Dance Practice

After our summer/Pennsic break we are restarting Dance practice (Yay)
Then next Quintavia dance practice will be on Tuesday September 5th from 6:30 till 9:30 at 69 village court at the Camelot common house. Directions are available. All are welcome no experience or partners necessary.



Sunday Fencing Has Resumed!

Sunday fencing will resume on this Sunday, August 20th, 2017 at 1PM at the Mary Elizabeth McGrath Educational Center in Millbury, MA. Directions are available here. For additional question or information please use the contact form below to contact our Rapier Marshal.