Happy New Year


I hope everyone’s Holidays was  relaxing and fun filled as mine was.   I’d like to start by calling attention to the newest recipients of the Keepers.  If you didn’t make it to Yule (or even if you did) please have a look and take a moment to congratulate people for their accomplishments.

Keeper Recipient List

There will be a full Curia on the Sunday of Birka this year, as always if you have commentary please let me know so I can adequately represent the Shire.


Speaking of the Officer core of the Shire, we have several option positions, most notably the Chancellor Minor, and Knight Marshal positions.   If  you have interest, let myself or Corwin know.

Shire Officers

As a reminder the next business meeting is 1/13/19 at 11am in the Camelot Common House (69 Village Ct, Berlin, Ma).  All are welcome as always and I hear their might be donuts…   Officers if you, or a deputy won’t be able to make it please  send in a report.

We are on toward another full year as a Shire and I look forward spending it will all of you.



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