Upcoming Happenings

The rest of fall and winter is shaping up to be a busy season for the shire, I hope you will join us for the festivities.

Buisness meetings continue on the 2nd sundays of the month with November’s at the  69 Village Court, Berlin MA (Camelot Commonhouse address) from 11am -1pm.   We discuss what the various offices are doing,  activities in the shire, and upcoming events.

Also at the business meeting we are having elections for the Chatelaine (I hear ours has a new job…)  ,  Knight Marshal,  Herald offices.   The Chamberlain and Chronicle positions are also open if anyone is interested.   Please email with any questions seneschal@quintavia.eastkingdom.org, and on the job training is always provided.

Fencing and Heavy list practices continue every week  with archery and thrown weapons practices weather dependent.  Look for week of email/facebook updates for those last 2 activities if they are happening.  Dance continues the 1st Tuesday of the month with a dinner and socializing for anyone and everyone before hand.(You don’t need to stay for dance but you should…)  Scribal moots continue the 4rth Tuesday of the month.   See this page for more info on all of these activities. https://quintavia.eastkingdom.org/events-practices/practices-meetings/

On the event / gathering front.

The Great Quintavian Iron Scribe competition is next week Nov 17th and looks to be a blast. https://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=3420

Further on,  the Shire is hosting K+Q Fencing Championship on Dec 8th and these events are always a good spectacle even if you don’t fence.


We are still in need of volunteers, please signup here if you have some time.


Finally  Shire Yule will be follow the Dec Business meeting on 12/9.  This is a garb optional gathering, that is always a great time for socializing,  partaking in the Viking swap and general merriment.


Thank you all to the folks who continue to organize, host, and cleanup after these activities, as that creates the magic for all of us.







Now that we kick back into the fall season I wanted to call attention to some of the many endeavors that happen into the shire.  Quintavia is a large and active Shire and if you know someone who might be interested in any or all of these activities please drag them along.

Start on the Street Demo  — September 16th  (setup starts at 10am) runs to 5pm.


Start on the street (https://www.startonthestreet.org/start-street-fall-edition)  is a wonderful arts / crafts festival that the City of Worcester puts on where there are 300+ local artists.  We have a great location in front of Elm park where we talk about SCA and demo some of the martial activities.  Come in garb or not but this is our best demo of the year hosted by Baroness Fortune so you don’t want to miss it.

King + Queens Fencing Champs  (December 8th)


Quintavia is hosting K+Q fencing champs this year at the Nashoba reginal high school in Bolton ma.   We’ll discuss this in the coming months but even if you don’t fence it’s a good spectacle to watch and we also need help with setup, gate, heralds, list runners and the like.

The Shire hosts a number of Weekly Practices in  Heavy List,  Fencing,  Archery and Thrown Weapons.  See  https://quintavia.eastkingdom.org/events-practices/practices-meetings/  for more information.

European dance continues on the first Tuesday of the month!   Next practice is Tuesday September 4th from 7:30 – 9:30 pm at the Camelot Common House.  See https://quintavia.eastkingdom.org/events-practices/directions/  for directions.


Scribal A+S Moots continue at the 4rth Tuesday of the month!  Next moot is August 28th.

August 28th – 15th C Gothic manuscripts: Part 1, illumination style and calligraphy

September 25th – 15th C Gothic manuscripts: Part 2, white work

October 23rd – Making Oak Gall Ink

Please note you can come to one or both of the 15th C Gothic classes, but will get the most out of it if you can attend both parts.

Scribal help and troubleshooting will still be available at all moots as time allows.

As always, the Moot will be 7-9pm at the Camelot Common House (main room) located at 69 Village Ct in Berlin, MA.

See https://quintavia.eastkingdom.org/events-practices/directions/.

As you can see that is a lot of activities. If you know anyone worthy please write them in.  You can check to see what awards someone has here.  https://op.eastkingdom.org/op.php

And the link for writing someone in is here https://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/945932/lang-en



Two Handed Rapier Issue Clarification from KM of Fence

Originally posted on the East Kingdom Gazette Tuesday, October 13, 2015 in regards to the changes of two handed rapier rules.

Greetings to the Kingdom of the East!
Since the publication of the new two handed rapier rules I have received some questions regarding the blade/handle length requirements.  I will attempt to offer some clarification.
I, as Kingdom Rapier Marshal, am specifically empowered to allow weapons that do not meet the standard but still pass the Flex Test.  Speaking specifically of the Hanwei feder, it is my understanding that the handle is just about an inch too long for the 2 Hander standard.  These specific weapons are allowed under that discretionary power.  Any other 2 hander that does not meet the published standard must be cleared through myself, my Kingdom Deputy, or one of my Regional Deputies.
I hope this clarification helps, and I am always here if anyone has any further questions.  Please feel free to contact me through the KRM link on the EK Website under Officers.
In Service,
Master Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East
***For more information on policies and general questions regarding Rapier Combat within the Shire of Quintavia and the East Kingdom, please visit the Shire’s Marshal of Fence webpage or Contact the Marshal.***