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At this time I am happy to announce that the EK Webministry is ready to move our email forwards to actual email boxes. I will be beginning this process today with a few of the greater offices.


What Does It Mean For You?

If you are not an officer, yay! Nothing changes! If you are then you will have an email box on the email server. The purpose of this is that all important emails will be stored on the server and that the mailbox will change hands when the office does. Email will stay in the box for continuity purposes. At the end of your term in office DO NOT delete the mail in the box. Also, please consider that the correspondence that goes out of that email will be passed on to your predecessors should they need to refer to it.


Initial Use & Setup

I take care of getting everything set up on my end. Unless you wish to set up something like Thunderbird, Eudora, or another mail client, you are all set to use your new email box.

There is little to do if you plan on using the webmail client. It goes as follows:

o Direct your favorite Web Browser to
o Enter your fully qualified email address (My local Branch email would be*
o Enter your password that was given to you by your Webminister.
o Read emails.


If you would like to use Eudora, Thunderbird, or some other mail client, please be aware that the webministry support ends at providing you the necessary information to set it up. We are NOT allowed to set it up for you nor will we be troubleshooting any problems involved with the mail clients as we are spread thin as it is.

To use a mail client:

Account settings:

Address: fully qualified address (

Incoming server:
Username: <user>.<group> (webminister.quintavia)
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Port: 993
Authentication method: normal password

Outgoing server:
Username: <user>.<group>
Connection security: STARTTLS
Port: 587
Authentication method: normal password


I hope to be able to provide how-to’s to help people along shortly but probably not until after July 10, 2015. There’s this little thing called Pennsic looming…


More information coming as I roll it out.


Madame Perronnelle de Croy

Webminister, Shire of Quintavia




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