East Kingdom Rapier Championships

East Kingdom Rapier Championships

Saturday, February 18th, 2023

It is said the Art of Defense is grounded upon Offence and Defense, both of which are practiced in the straight and circular lines, for that a person may not otherwise either strike or defend.

The Shire of Quintavia invites you to come test your skill, watch the competition, and enjoy the company of friends as new champions are discovered.

Masking Variance has been asked for

Tentative Schedule

9:00am stie site opens

10:15am   Morning Court

11:00am tournament starts

12:30pm Boxed lunches served.

3:00pm tournament ends

4:00pm  Court  (at least 3 peerages already on the docket)

7:00pm Site Closes

Tournament Format

Pools down to a final 16 double elimination bracket

Number and size of pools will be adjusted day-of, based on number of competitors. Additional details will be forthcoming.



Innovation Academy 72 Tyng Rd, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, 01879

Event Fees

Pre-Reg strongly suggested for attendance and required for signing up for boxed lunches.


Adults: $25 with $5 member discount ($20 for members)
17 and under: free

Boxed lunches — 10 per lunch (Adults + youth same price)

Reservation deadline Feb 1st 2023

PreReg form: https://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/296481

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted. Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.

Boxed Lunch Info

Boxed Lunches (feel free to order more than 1)
The “main” for the meat will be ground beef empanaditas
The “main” for vegetable will be spinach and cheese empanaditas
And the allergy sensitive will be calencita which is chickpea flour,oil and water baked up and then sprinkled with salt cumin and paprika (will not be made in an allergen free kitchen).

All boxed lunches contain:
humus with carrots and cucumber sticks,
clementines and/or dried fruits for something sweet,
Olives for a salty food.

Misc Info

As this is a school no alcohol may be on the premise, thank you!



Contact Information

Sovereigns Champion — Sir Antonio Patrasso

Consorts Champion — Lady Katerina Falconer de Lanark

Event Steward
Matthias Grunwald
MKA -Sean Veale
65 Village Court
Berlin MA 01503

Boxed Lunches Staff

Gate Staff


Pre-Reg strongly suggested for attendance and required for signing up for boxed lunches.

Registration ending 2/1/2023