New Pictures!

Hello from you Webminister!

Have you been to our website lately? Well, if not you should check it out! This weekend has been very productive for me and I have gotten a lot done on our website. To point out a couple of things:

  • New Pictures – Check out our galleries of recent events! Have pictures of events that aren’t up there and you would like to share? Let me know!
  • Archives – I have been working with our awesome Chronicler, Murdoch, to add to our document archive. I don’t have them all and so if you have some laying around that can be scanned please get in touch with me!
  • Documentation – This is something that probably won’t be very interesting to most. I have begun to document the how to’s for our webpage as it is set up now. I know that I won’t be webminister forever so I’m trying to document how I get things to work the way they do for the next person.

There’s also a lot happening on the back end of things. If you don’t notice them it means I’m doing my job! Most of these types of things are updates to the WordPress client and various add-ons that we use.

In addition to all of that the East Kingdom Webministry has decided that it will audit (read: grade) all sites according to usability and adherence to the policies of the Webministry. Hopefully that won’t be too bad but I do expect that nearing Christmas or New Years I will be busy trying to make sure that we are in shape for that.

As always feel free to reach out to me if you need anything web-related!


Madame Perronnelle de Croy



Photos and Art

You may be looking around at our site and be thinking, “What’s with the bland graphics?” or “Where are the pictures?”

While I appreciate many offers of photos and art to put upon the site there is something that I feel needs to be addressed.

15296294347_bb01ddee76_zDid you know we need permission forms for art and pictures? The most recent  Webminister policies require us to have permission slips not only from the photographer or artist but also for the model(s) in the pictures. So for a picture of two people I would need to have three (3) permission slips on hand. One for each of the models and one from the photographer. An SCA Grant of Use Form is needed for ALL pictures whereas an SCA Model Release Form is only required if the facial features are identifiable (not obscured by helmets, garb, shadowing, etc.).

So the solution for this? There is a way to do a blanket permission on the forms for photographers and models which will allow the local webminister to use photos without acquiring individual permissions for each picture.

There is an endeavor that I would encourage any and all photographers in our region to look into: The Digital Scribes Program. This program looks to have pictures available to use for publications and social media with the permissions on hand. I would love to see some of our local photographers get in on this! As Webminister I think this is awesome and I believe that our Chronicler would agree, I would love to see pictures of our local folks and events there too! It’s where I got the picture for this article!

In any case! If you are interested in having pictures you have taken or been in please fill out the forms and send them in to me at this address.