Dance Instructions

These are books/sites providing the steps and terminology used in dance. Dance instructions are free for all to use! Feel free to peruse and print for your pouch or basket to keep on hand as reminders!


Terpsichore at the Tower

(cheat sheets from the dancers of the Barony of Cynnabar, covering all styles of dance in modern SCA terminology)    Dance Booklet pdf link


First Edition of Playford’s English Dancing Master

(English Country Dance, slightly post-period)  Facsimile


Arbeau’s Orchesographie

(Bransles and galliards. Also just fun to read, as it discusses comportment and manners of the times, in a fun dialogue between a dance master and his student),%20Thoinot/Orch%C3%A9sographie.pdf  Facsimile


Joy and Jealousy

(15th century Italian dances in modern notation, with diagrams)