September Greetings

Hello Everyone, I hope folks have recovered from what summer plans you have had, and look forward to the fall. The next business meeting is this Sunday the 8th from 11 to 1 pm at the Mosaic Common house (22 Village Lane, Berlin, MA 01503)

In addition to the normal business we’ll start taking nominations for the positions that are up in November (

We are hosting a demo at the upcoming Start on the Street festival in Worcester ma on 9/15. We have a booth for displaying wares, and a space for fighting/fencing demo’s right behand it as in past years. We will be in a similar spot across from Elm Park as in the past few years. Anyone who can show up even for an hour or 2 is very welcome (start runs from 11 to 5 pm)

Finally there is a great local event coming up on the 9/14 that will have all the activities the SCA can offer including E+K equestrian champions

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