Upcoming Events

Click on any of the linked pages below for more details on upcoming events and to contact the autocrat. Hope to see you soon!


 Embroidery Schola 

Lots of string things and classes to keep everyone busy! It’s pot-luck lunch so bring yourself and some string and come learn new things! 

Hafla 2016

A small, low-key social gathering centered around belly-dancing, middle eastern food, and live music. May include vendors and classes.

 Coronation of Kenric and Avelina

Join us at the Higgins Armoury for a coronation not to be missed! Coronation page with hotels, restaurants, and schedule forthcoming.


Past Events 

**These event pages have been removed until they are needed again. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.**

King & Queen’s Equestrian and Thrown Weapons Championships 2015

A day full of martial activities, pomp, and Royal Courts. Fencing and Heavy pick-ups on the side. 

St. John the Baptist Feast & Tourney

A pleasant day by the lake for all to enjoy. Feast cooked over an open flame,tourneys for all, swimming opportunities, activities for children, and dance to name a few things!

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