Upcoming Events

Central Region Arts Fiber Time (CRAFT)

A time for crafting for all fiber arts enthusiasts! Low -key and garb not required.

Yule 2015

A low key, pot luck yule get-together. Shire awards are typically given out at this event. 

Hafla 2016

A small, low-key social gathering centered around belly-dancing, middle eastern food, and live music. May include vendors and classes.


Past Events 

**These event pages have been removed until they are needed again. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.**

King & Queen’s Equestrian and Thrown Weapons Championships 2015

A day full of martial activities, pomp, and Royal Courts. Fencing and Heavy pick-ups on the side. 

St. John the Baptist Feast & Tourney

A pleasant day by the lake for all to enjoy. Feast cooked over an open flame,tourneys for all, swimming opportunities, activities for children, and dance to name a few things!

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