Open positions


As with the any group in the SCA the Shire of Quintavia is a volunteer organization  and as such we depend on the good will and energy of the people filling the Officer roles so everyone can continue to have fun.

While we do well in keeping roles filled,  there is always a small turnover as people take well deserved breaks, and the desire to have more deputies to spread the work around

In particular Elena and Perronelle would like to take step back from the Chamberlain and Chancellor Minor positions respectively.


On the job training is happily provided 🙂

A listing of current positions, can be found here.

Shire Officers

If you are interested in any of these positions, or being a deputy please let myself and the current officer know,

Thank you,



Halloween Archery in Carlisle on Sunday morning!

If you want to get some awesome, fun archery in this weekend, I recommend going to Towers:


We are overrun with spiders and rats and ticks! Join us this Sunday,
October 29 for a Halloween themed shoot & throw. Come in costume if you

94 Laurelwood Drive, Carlisle, MA 01741

10 am – 1 pm

Arlyana van Wyck & Peter the Red

Archery canceled 10/29

Hi archers,

The weather looks mighty iffy for Sunday afternoon (the % chance of precip jumps from 10 to 70% at 2pm), so I am not planning to run practice.

If any of the other marshals really wants to run practice, that’s ok with me.


No archery this week 10/8

The weather looks meh, and unless another marshal wants to run practice, I believe all our regulars are busy this Sunday.

Attendance has been light during September, but the plan is to run through October and as long as the weather is warm enough (which could be a long time this year, who knows). Put it in your calendars, and come out to shoot with us!

October Business meeting


The next business meeting will be October 8th  from 11 – 1pm in the Camelot Common House. 69 Village court Berlin Ma.  We  will be in the downstairs meeting room this time.   We’ll talk about Yule and whatever other mischief has been dreamt up in the previous month..

As a reminder In November we will have elections for  Seneschal, Webminister, Captain of Archers, and Thrown Weapons Officer.  If you are interested in serving in any of these roles please send me a letter of intent.   I do plan on putting my name in for another term, but always welcome other folks to step forward as well if there is interest.   Please email letters to

The Letter can be a one/two paragraph email on why you like to do with the office.

Finally  business meeting minutes are archived on the site for perusal. See

Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Thank You,



Archery 9/24

The weather looks lovely for Sunday! I have to skip practice again 🙁  But Mikjal will run practice for us!

472 Gleasondale Rd, Stow
Go shoot things!

Archery on Sunday 9/17

Archers! The weather looks good for Sunday, so you should go practice! Clarice will be marshalling for the day (thank you!) Yes, even if you shot at Falling Leaves, you should get consecutive practices in!


472 Gleasondale Rd, Stow

September Business Meeting

We are at the MEMEC site (130 Elm St. Millbury, MA)  starting at 11:00am.

I’ll bring the donuts for a job well done.

Hope to see you there.


May Buisness meeting

The Shire business meeting for May is Sunday (the 21) in the Mosaic Common House (22 Village Lane) from 11am to 1pm.
See this page for directions.

The Shire is very active with upcoming events, practices, moots more! Come see what all the fuss is about!.

Officers please send in a report ( if you or a deputy can’t make it.

Thank you,