Youth Combat Information

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Div 1 youth armor breaks down into 3 groups:

Head & Groin which are generally purchased re-purposed sporting goods.  NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO CHECK FOR KIDS WHO HAVE OUTGROWN THEIR HOCKEY GEAR. If you want a new helm, Bauer makes an affordable option.
Neck which is generally made.
Legs, Feet, hands and torso down to the elbow, of which almost all clothing suffices.

Believe it or not, rigid knees and elbows over pads, hockey gloves, chest and abdomen protection are not required until age 10… but someone can always wear more, especially as they get closer to Div-2 and there may be more cross-over.

The game is a “Touch Calibration” but we strive to impart good technique that will serve them later with a heavier weapon rather than flailing wildly and hoping something touches or flicking a shot for a tap. Weapons are supposed to have an edge or tip and be swung as if the edge were dangerous but the swinger shouldn’t try to cause harm with a soft weapon. The biggest “injury” seems to be “rugburn” from a weapon sliding across bare skin, hence the cloth armor requirement..

Weapons should be largely similar to anyone with LAP experience. Some of the nicer LARP gear is also acceptable but somewhat expensive for kids. I lean towards siloflex for Div-1 instead of rattan for cost and availability reasons. NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GRAB SOME CHEAP POOL NOODLES FROM THE DOLLAR STORE. Look for the pipe insulation with 1/2″ walls that springs back quickly, not the stuff with 3/8″ walls that springs back slowly. There is also a 2″ wide, 1/8″ thick foam tape that is awesome for getting tips up to minimum legal diameter without a lot of weight.

Shields are usually home-made and styrofoam “boogie-boards” as well as round plastic sleds seem to be common choices. Edges need additional padding to be 3/4″ thick which seems silly to me for the boogie boards. I’ll check on that one. Kids seem to like gripped shields more than strapped shields, I think it’s so they can get out of them more quickly. It’s not like they are very heavy.

Training includes SCA wound/kill target conventions, not striking from behind and respect and use of the word “HOLD”. If parents can instill any one thing in a child before starting fighting, it is the word “HOLD”… and not to abuse it to get someone to lower the guard then smack them and run away giggling.