Theme: Last day of Passover

NOTE THE FIRST: The foods for this dayboard are based on Sephardic Passover recipes, however, in no way should it be considered Kosher. A concerted effort has been made to avoid Chametz (any sort of leavening) and to keep to period recipes, but a creative hand was taken.

NOTE THE SECOND: gf = gluten free, v=vegetarian; does not include vegan due to eggs

  • Braised Lamb (gf)
  • Baytzah – Browned eggs (gf, v)
  • Keftedes – Byzantine beef (gf, contains almonds)
  • Keftedes de Prassa – Leek fritters (v)
  • Salat of Bitter Herbs (gf, v)
  • Vegetable pie (gf, v)
  • Matzoh (v; check if we had time for gf)
  • Charoset – Fruit paste (gf, v, nuts on the side)
  • Carrots with tamarind (gf, v)
  • Almond-Lemon Macaroons (gf, v, contains almonds)
  • Fruit (melons and pears)





Please be advised: this menu is still subject to changes or variations.

For dietary restrictions or allergies, please contact:
Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh (mka. Phred Jenkins) / cell: 413-329-1998, no calls after 10pm please