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Greetings Unto The Fair Populace of Quintavia!

This is your friendly neighborhood webminister. It’s been a while since you have heard from me and some of you may be confused as to new mail that you have been receiving that look a little odd. I apologize because this is my doing.

I have been handed a tool that for officers and for myself is supposed to help streamline the communication process. Keywords are “supposed to.” It’s taken a while to get the kinks worked out but I believe that I now have this particular bit of communication ironed out. What does this mean for you? Only that weekly you will receive an email with the latest news. Only once a week, on Saturdays. (OFFICERS – Take note that notices for the upcoming week and such should be posted prior to Saturday!) That’s it. Simple. Nothing else will change. For the more involved answer  and the why this has come into play keep reading! 

The More Involved Answer

For a while webministers across our fair kingdom have had to juggle the expanding social media realm of communications versus the more traditional email. While social media websites aren’t officially part of our duties, we do usually end up taking an active role in their moderation. There is now, more than ever, a problem with communication due to these sites, especially Facebook. Often times well-meaning gentles create events or write up announcements and post them only to Facebook. This causes issues for the gentles that aren’t on social media or choose not to be.

From the EK policy side of things social media sites aren’t official methods of communication. So! To kill mutlitple birds with one stone we have found a solution. Thanks to WordPress, we have plugins that will post to Facebook and post to our populace email list at the same time. So rather than having to post twice in different places this will take care of it and all news will also be on our website for new members to see. Also a bonus!

webminister badgeI hope this answers some questions and as always thanks for your patience!

Madame Perronnelle de Croy, Webminister


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