King’s and Queen’s Champs page is up!

Hi all! A friendly note from your webminister! The webpage for the King’s and Queen’s Equestrian and Thrown weapons Champs page is up!

For all information on the event, including arrival times, trailer parking, food situation, and event schedule please visit the new page!


**Page has been taken down as the event is now completed.**


New Pages!

Greetings from your handy-dandy local Webminister!

If you have looked around the site recently…or rather today, you may have noticed that there are new pages in the menu. I though that I would go over these for everyone so that you know what’s there and why!

  1. Galleries – These are for pictures. right now it’s a little bare. If you’d like to share your pictures with us please drop me a note!
  2. Forums – This is for everyone to use and communicate with! Make a login on the registration page and take a look around. I’m hoping to start a thread for recipes, camping arrangements, etc.
  3. Event Planning Resources – This one is tricky and is hiding under the Exchequers page. There are three pages that fall under this one. They all contain graphs for different things to help autocrats better plan and budget for their event. These are still in the process of being filled out. Please be patient and if you have additional information to add to them please let me know!
    1. Sites – A list of sites that we have used in the past. Includes contact info, amenities, accessibility, and facility details.
    2. Menu Costs – A list of menus from past events with actual cost to purchase. This sheet includes how many people paid for food and how much they paid.
    3. Budget Numbers Overview – This is the grand-daddy of worksheets. It includes costs for the site, additional insurance, tokens, food, signs, and a bunch of other things.

Server Maintenance – Scheduled for 03/07/15

Greetings from your Friendly Neighborhood Webminister!

I am writing to inform you that the server for ALL East Kingdom web services & sites will be down for a time due to scheduled server maintenance update and server reboot. Details are as follows:


* Server Maintenance:  2015-03-07 9:00:00 AM EST *

A two-hour window is allocated, however the actual downtime can be much less. These warranted updates are required to protect the security and safe operations of our infrastructure.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Photos and Art

You may be looking around at our site and be thinking, “What’s with the bland graphics?” or “Where are the pictures?”

While I appreciate many offers of photos and art to put upon the site there is something that I feel needs to be addressed.

15296294347_bb01ddee76_zDid you know we need permission forms for art and pictures? The most recent  Webminister policies require us to have permission slips not only from the photographer or artist but also for the model(s) in the pictures. So for a picture of two people I would need to have three (3) permission slips on hand. One for each of the models and one from the photographer. An SCA Grant of Use Form is needed for ALL pictures whereas an SCA Model Release Form is only required if the facial features are identifiable (not obscured by helmets, garb, shadowing, etc.).

So the solution for this? There is a way to do a blanket permission on the forms for photographers and models which will allow the local webminister to use photos without acquiring individual permissions for each picture.

There is an endeavor that I would encourage any and all photographers in our region to look into: The Digital Scribes Program. This program looks to have pictures available to use for publications and social media with the permissions on hand. I would love to see some of our local photographers get in on this! As Webminister I think this is awesome and I believe that our Chronicler would agree, I would love to see pictures of our local folks and events there too! It’s where I got the picture for this article!

In any case! If you are interested in having pictures you have taken or been in please fill out the forms and send them in to me at this address.

On the Mend!

webministerI hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! As you can see our website is on the mend. I’m not quite happy with the way it looks yet but the guts are starting to fall into place, hooray!

You will notice that our calendar is up, as is the main officers page. I’m still working on getting the individual pages settled. I have created access for a couple of officers so that they may upload newsletters and the like so look here for updates!


A New Website for the Shire

webministerGreetings from your local webminister! First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone will have a wonderful day filled with yummy food and family! Now what’s with this new website?

New Website

My purpose for writing this missive is to inform the populous that WordPress has been successfully install on our site! Unfortunately everything was wiped so I will have to begin from scratch. Not a problem as I have the files backed up. As this is the holiday I hope that you will bear with me and be patient as I will be gone for the next few days. I have put up a splash page or temp page for the moment and will work on getting the page back up to full functionality on Monday.

In the mean time I appreciate your patience and look forward to revamping our site!


Madame Perronnelle de Croy

alt: A new website